Review of Violence against Women legislation

An open access article in Health Policy published in 2011 reviews key documents in the development of Violence against Women (VAW) policies and laws worldwide and points to particularly disadvantaged groups of women that need more consideration:

“In this study, the full texts of the legislation from 83 of the 115 countries identified initially were collected. In the case of countries in which it was possible to access more than one law, the law most recently in force was chosen. When the laws and their respective legal reforms were available, all these documents were analyzed together. Through analysis of the laws and documentation on VAW, this study has been able to identify the need to raise the profile of vulnerable women in the legislation on VAW. Higher priority should be given to these groups of women in the international recommendations made in key documents in order to overcome VAW using an equity approach. The different barriers that vulnerable women must face in order to gain access to VAW services should lead policy makers to consider the special needs of these women.”

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