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slide-summer.pngTransitions with GGP

The Global Gender Program is entering a new phase starting in the fall. Professor Barbara Miller, founding director of the GGP, is stepping down as of June 2016.

Along with Professor Shaista Khilji, Barbara will remain director of the U.S. State Department-funded partnership established in 2014 between the Global Gender Program and the Gender and Development Studies Department of Lahore College Women University (LCWU) in Pakistan.

All GGP communications, including the weekly Monday e-newsletter, the global.gender.current blog, Facebook, and Twitter, will be on vacation through the summer.

If you have questions for the GGP, please email for further information.

Women’s Empowerment Pakistan
Summer Conference

Please, mark your calendars for the annual summer half-day Women’s Empowerment Pakistan conference: August 2, 9am – 2pm. The theme is Faith-Based Organizations and Women’s Empowerment. The conference will be held at 1957 E Street NW, 6th floor Commons, GW, Washington, DC.

Please click here to RSVP.

We hope you have a great summer!

Article of Note

by Laura Sjoberga & Jonathon Whooley

image_miniThis article explores the complex, liminal, and difficult space in which stories of women in “the Arab Spring” were wielded as parts of political narratives of gender, race, class, religion, democracy, and Westernization in Western media as the Arab Spring unfolded. It examines those stories by using the tools of postcolonial feminism. After briefly describing what is meant by (gender and) the Arab Spring, the article outlines a method for evaluating the significations of the media narratives surrounding it. We find two dissonant narratives (of gender as emancipatory and of gender as problematic) and ask what assumptions about gender (and sex and race and culture) have to be made to produce these particular representations. We argue that the dissonant narratives have in common using the situation of women as a barometer for the success of Westernization, liberalization, and democratization. The article concludes by exploring the implications of these findings.

Journal of Women, Politics & Policy, Volume 36, Issue 3, 2015

Org Spotlight 6/6/16: Russian LGBT Network

The Russian LGBT Network, founded in 2006, is Russia’s only inter-regional LGBT non-governmental organization. The network’s mission  is to promote human rights and respect for human dignity, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. LGBT people in Russia face substantial legal and social challenges and are afforded few rights and protections. The Russian LGBT Network seeks to increase the visibility and to improve the status of LGBT individuals in state and society.

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Article of Note

by Jennifer Twyman, Juliana Muriel and María Alejandra García

Sex-disaggregated data collection is an important step toward understanding women’s contributions to agriculture and including a gender perspective in agricultural research for development. However, social norms both in farming communities and research organizations often limit the amount of data collected from women and, in so doing, reinforce the notion that women are not farmers or producers. This is especially true for male-dominated crops, such as rice in Latin America.

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Article of Note

by Hayfaa A. Tlaissa & Khalil M. Diranib

RHRDFew studies have explored the professional training experiences of Arab women within the contexts of learning organisational cultures and relevant human resource development (HRD) practices. Capitalising on in-depth, face-to-face interviews, this study explores the experiences of women managers in Lebanon with professional training and organisational learning.

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Call for abstracts

International Conference in Gender Studies (ICG 2016)

International Conference – Global Gender Perspectives
Lahore, Pakistan (November 14-16, 2016)

The Department of Gender & Development Studies, Lahore College for Women University is pleased to announce the International conference on Global Gender Perspectives in collaboration with the Global Gender Program of the George Washington University, USA. The conference will bring together eminent researchers, scholars, civil society professionals, and students from the world to highlight current gender perspectives, global gender issues, and steps and approaches to addressing.

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Org Spotlight 5/16/16: Kurdish and Middle Eastern Women’s Organization

The Kurdish and Middle Eastern Women’s Organization (KWEMO) supports the needs of women, primarily refugees, from Kurdistan and the wider Middle East who are now living in the UK. KMEWO replaced the Kurdish Refugee Women’s Organization, founded in 1999. The organization’s primary purpose was to serve the needs of women refugees who were fleeing persecution or fear of persecution, mainly victims of domestic violence, female genital mutilation and cutting, honor killings, and other human rights abuses.

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